Official Licensed Canada 150th Anniversary Commemorative Flag 36”x 60” White With Full Colour Logo


  • Show your Love for Canada with this Genuine Official Licensed Canadian 150th Anniversary Flag.
  • Be the first one on the block (or dock) to display your proud Canadian Status with this premium Polyester flag.
  • We have selected the Optimum material to allow for a lightweight, smooth flying flag that will last well beyond the year 2017.
  • Designed and packaged in Canada! Comes ready to fly in a luxurious gift box. This flag makes a great gift idea for your fellow Canadian Friends and Family
  • This is an Official Licensed Canada 150 product so you are guaranteed to get the highest quality and best value possible. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction. Don’t be fooled by imitators




Celebrate the year 2017 and Canada’s 150th birthday by proudly flying this Official Licensed Commemorative Canada 150 flag. This flag is a unique way to show you are a proud Canadian in Canada’s 150th year. Fly it with pride at your home, business, cottage, or even inside your living room!

This flag makes a unique and unforgettable gift idea, and comes in luxurious gift box to share your Canadian pride with others.

. Excellent conversation starter at BBQs and social gatherings (Canada Day Parties, May Two-Four Parties, etc)

The Canada 150 logo consists of 13 multi-coloured diamonds forming a maple leaf, the four diamonds forming the emblem’s base represented Canada’s four original provinces, while the others represent the provinces and territories that had joined since.

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